Resort “Villas Kostenetz”situated in Rila Mountain is known for the existence of curative mineral springs, natural and historical landmarks. The area is an established tourist center, with long tradition in providing tourist services. A healthy climate, exhilarating air of the forest, clear rivers and streams, high peaks and secretive trails annually attract thousand of tourists and vacationers. Nearby is the beautiful Kostenetz waterfall. For fans of mountain tourism “Villas Kostenetz” is a starting point for the Rila National Park – for the huts Gurgulitsa and Belmeken and tops Musala, Zavrachitsa, Malyovitsa. There are 17 writer houses and 4 houses from the post-liberation period at the resort.

      Kostenetz the town is located at 650 meters altitude near the Maritsa river, at the foot of Rila mountain, 75 km from Sofia, 80km from Plovdiv and 37km from Samokov. The population is about 10,000 inhabitants. Kostenetz is the administrative center of the municipality, which includes 8 cities. The municipalty is part of the Bulgarian state since Khan Malamir`s rule (831-836). The Bulgarian kings have won many historic battles here, one of the most famous of them being the battle in 986 between the Bulgarian army led by king Samuil and Byzantines led by Emperor Basil II

      There are a lot of preserved archeological monuments, which is evidence for the rich history in the area of Kostenetz. One of the biggest attractions is a historical monument since the Roman era – fortress “Traianovi vrata”. Found remains of 11 ancient villages and settlements of The Bronze, Early and late Iron Age, 6 Roman settlements and 8 medieval settlements. There are many Christian churches with historical, cultural and artistic value in the area of municipality.